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Studying my personal constitution through Ayurveda #yoga #ayurveda

From today I’m going to record the things I notice with regards, which of the 3 gunas, that dominate my daily existence and cause me disruption. 

What I’ve grasped from the weekend study with my teacher, is that establishing one’s dominant gunas is relevant to self inquiry but what’s more important, is being able to observe the changes that are inevitable, as early as possible. Being as self aware as possible can give way to preparation for personal transformation and can act as a prevention or alleviate disturbance to maintain physical health and mental harmony. 



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Peppermint Oil For IBS #Ayurveda #yoga 

I accept that there is a place for pharmaceuticals but we must try out natural remedies also. Conditions such as IBS that are lifetime conditions must be managed with diet and not drugs.

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Your Mind Is A Product Of Your Food, Memory Is Linked To Food #yoga #yogatherapy

From my teacher’s on line journal ~ Paul Harvey, Centre of Yoga Studies

“Your mind is a product of your food, memory is linked to food.
My stability, my confidence is linked to food.
All these facts are mentioned in the texts.
For these reasons I said that food is very important and becomes me.
Not just the muscles, but the whole me, the whole personality.”
– TKV Desikachar from an interview in the Journal Viniyoga Italia on Yoga and Well Being.

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Wasabi Fruit Smoothie HIT! New Way To Prevent Muscle Cramps #vegan #yoga


I cycle, a lot and when I’ve done a good day on the bike more often than not, in the night, I’ll be woken up in pain from my adductors cramping.  I’ve checked out possible causes and from what I’ve learnt so far, non of what implies muscle cramp applies to me.  So stumbling on the above article was good timing.

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Carrot Salad with Ginger and Sweet Chilli Dressing #vegan #Ayurveda 

I work in a cafe-bar 3 nights a week, to earn the extra money to pay for my studies. The big bonus, tis my favourite venue in Reading. So I need food that gives me life and energy and doesn’t cause me to feel tired. This is this evenings meal. Read the rest of this entry »

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A New Way to Prevent Muscle Cramps – WSJ #yoga #ayurveda

Very interesting article. Will most certainly research this and experiment on myself. I cycle a lot and my adductors cramp up.  I’ll come at this through Ayurveda and keep you posted.


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Turmeric Blend #vegan #yoga #sattva #ayurveda

Turmeric Blend

Turmeric Blend

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ – Hypocrates

Knowing how powerful the benefits are of turmeric, I searched around for a turmeric smoothie blend that I could drink most days.  Found a couple and I tweaked them to suit me.

1 and half cups of coconut water

1 small banana

1 cup of frozen mango

1 inch cut of ginger

1 inch cut of turmeric

1 tsp of coconut oil

1 tbsp maca powder

half tsp cumin seeds.  Note, important to add cumin to turmeric recipes as cumin improves the turmeric absorption.

generous amount of freshly ground pepper.  Note must be freshly ground! Black pepper enhances bio-availability of Turmeric.

An assortment of seeds and nuts, today I added, sunflower, chia, pumpkin seeds.

Blend all ingredients until completely smooth and drink immediately.

Enough for 2 people.

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Hi Ya Blog, I’m Ba’ack!

Sorry I’ve been a stranger but thanks blog for hanging in there.  I didn’t stay in touch because 2015 was too negative, so yeah ok, talking about unhappy stuff can help but I really needed to go away and deal with it on my own.  Anyway, that was then and this is now and life couldn’t be any better.

You’ll be glad to hear that I stayed dedicated to my practice, it got me through the lowest of the lows.  I did my pilgrimage to India and went to Australia, which I will share with you as we go through 2016 where I’m doing another pilgrimage to India and off to Botswana, amazing.

The dogs are doing great, Asbo no change, Rosie-Moo has had to slow things down because she has bone disease in both her elbows and Trixie-Bells is just crackers.  Planning on getting back to our trekking adventures so stay posted for that.

Cycling is fantastic, I love it, seriously thinking about getting a GPS to log my distance and time.  Mmmmmmmm see how the funds go.

Slacklining, didn’t go on it last year, put it on the back burner so I could stay focused on the yoga.  Glad I did, I’m ready to start again come spring.

Cooking, obviously good and will try to post you stuff about that too but don’t wait up for that cos I probably too busy with all the other stuff.

Feels good to be back and I’m looking forward to keeping you up to date with stuff.

Happy New Year Blog

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World Day For Farmed Animals 02/10/14 #fastagainstslaughter #vegan #veganrevolution #animalrights @FARMUSA



Tomorrow is ‘World Day For Farmed Animals’ and a handful of us together with 1,000’s of people from all over the world will be making a peaceful protest by fasting for 12 hours.

The fast represents the horrific treatment of animals on their transit to slaughter, how they are starved of water and food, how they are crammed into lorries for long journeys without any fresh air or breaks from their journey of terror to doom. Many of the terrified animals will die in transit from either dehydration or being trampled on by their fellow kind.

These poor creatures who I would like to add, are someone not something, are dragged from the confines of a cage or cell, transported under torturous conditions only to be faced with hell, on arrival. All of this so that people can eat meat, not because they need to eat meat but because they like the taste.

People need to connect with their food, people need to know who their food was, people need to acknowledge that when you purchase meat, what that animal had to endure. My fast is about awareness and hopefully inspiring, to make compassionate choices, not just for people’s health but for the animal’s right to live their natural life and most importantly, to slow down climate change, because without our planet, no matter what you feel passionate about, will mean squigglyshit.

Because I have no respect for the wilfully ignorant, there are links below to films about what happens to animals, which I believe that all meat eaters need to watch.

If you would like to join the 1,000’s of people in the ‪#‎fastagainstslaughter‬ here is a link to make your pledge and find out more about World Day For Farmed Animals. .

and this one is about climate change

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Experiment; Coconut Oil As A Deodorant SUCCESSFUL! … #coconutoil #naturalbodyhygiene #selfawareness

On Saturday evenings, I work at my local café-bar, Global Cafe, Reading Berkshire UK. It’s my social night out and I get paid for the privilege, I love the place, the job and the whole Global family, nowhere else like it Reading town centre! FACT! It gets pretty toastie behind that bar, especially as we are having a fabulous summer heat wave. Now I have no issues with a little body odour, its all a part of the natural human smell, which helps to attract me to people who I will connect with, for whatever reason. Obviously if we smell bad then that tells us that one needs to address personal hygiene and probably most important lifestyle choices. Listening and observing our own, rather than hiding and ignoring with fake perfumes, so many people have lost touch with themselves.

I have an adversity to perfumes, antiperspirants and deodorants, I trust my sense of smell and if you don’t smell right, then I’ll probably not get to acquainted.

Anyway, experience is that, as the evening gets busier, I perspire and eventually my pits hum, not a good look for a lady. I would then pop off to the loo, splash a tad of water under my pits, air dry and get back to the vibe at the bar, only to have to repeat this quite a few times through the evening. I read somewhere, that coconut oil is a very good deodorant, I have no issues with sweating, I don’t want to stop my body’s natural ability to cool me, its just the smell I would like to address. So just before I left last night, I thought, why not, what harm can it do to put a smear of coconut oil under my pits, n so I did, and off I cycled to work.

Evening was epic, 3 punk bands were in last night to support Berkshire Hunt Sabs and also some Animal Liberation people were there too, the place was full of energy, compassion, care for one another and huge amounts of One Loveness. So back to my pit odour, as the evening is progressing and us bar staff are throwing some shapes to the punk music, I remembered the coconut oil smeared under my pits. I lifted my arms up, stuck my nose under each one and not a whiff of body odour, I was elated! I told everyone, stop using deodorants get yourself some coconut oil, etc etc etc.

Conclusion, don’t spend your money on hygiene products that hide a problem then make the problem a whole lot worse and even cause other health related problems, plus you’ll probably find that these chemical products are not environmentally friendly, nor is their packaging. Find Fair-trade coconut oils, you’re helping someone else, you are giving your body good stuff inside and outside, cos you can eat it as well, and in the long run you’re saving money.

I have this really good friend called Craig, he’s a very knowledgeable chap and I remember him saying to me once ‘don’t put on your body, what you wouldn’t put in your body’…

Love peace & happiness

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