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Exhilarating, cycling in heavy rain……  #cycling 

Just in from cycling to work and it’s chucking it down, thank goodness for gortex and goggles. Great stuff about cycling in challenging weather conditions is you get fitter and stay healthier. The lush part is getting home, stripping of ya waterproofs, sitting down to a warm turmeric tea and feeling dam chuffed with yourself.

I love my life!


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Wasabi Fruit Smoothie HIT! New Way To Prevent Muscle Cramps #vegan #yoga


I cycle, a lot and when I’ve done a good day on the bike more often than not, in the night, I’ll be woken up in pain from my adductors cramping.  I’ve checked out possible causes and from what I’ve learnt so far, non of what implies muscle cramp applies to me.  So stumbling on the above article was good timing.

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Hi Ya Blog, I’m Ba’ack!

Sorry I’ve been a stranger but thanks blog for hanging in there.  I didn’t stay in touch because 2015 was too negative, so yeah ok, talking about unhappy stuff can help but I really needed to go away and deal with it on my own.  Anyway, that was then and this is now and life couldn’t be any better.

You’ll be glad to hear that I stayed dedicated to my practice, it got me through the lowest of the lows.  I did my pilgrimage to India and went to Australia, which I will share with you as we go through 2016 where I’m doing another pilgrimage to India and off to Botswana, amazing.

The dogs are doing great, Asbo no change, Rosie-Moo has had to slow things down because she has bone disease in both her elbows and Trixie-Bells is just crackers.  Planning on getting back to our trekking adventures so stay posted for that.

Cycling is fantastic, I love it, seriously thinking about getting a GPS to log my distance and time.  Mmmmmmmm see how the funds go.

Slacklining, didn’t go on it last year, put it on the back burner so I could stay focused on the yoga.  Glad I did, I’m ready to start again come spring.

Cooking, obviously good and will try to post you stuff about that too but don’t wait up for that cos I probably too busy with all the other stuff.

Feels good to be back and I’m looking forward to keeping you up to date with stuff.

Happy New Year Blog

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Reading Bicycle Kitchen – @ReadingBK #lovecycling

Just back, rode home in the summer rain, goggles on so could see clearly n had it large, the bike rode like a dream, t-shirt n shorts soaked but do I feel refreshed and chuffed!

Thought I’d get this blog post down whilst I’m still feeling the buzz.

The volunteers at Reading Bicycle Kitchen are all hero’s they all need capes!

So what, who is the Bicycle Kitchen? Well from the story I know, vaguely, some chap was knocked of his bike, laid up for a spell and during his healing time, had a eureka moment of putting together a place where, people could go to learn how to look after their bicycles themselves. The dream started small, got bigger more people involved and then they got help from Reading Borough Council and the opportunity to live in one of the most iconic buildings in Reading’s history, the Jacksons building. It’s a non-profit enterprise all proceeds go back into the ‘Kitchen’ to pay for the rent on the building, tools and tea bags. Plus if you’re strapped for cash and need a bike, then you can learn how to build your own, for a fraction of a fraction, of the cost of buying one. All the tools you need are provided, bikes and bike parts being donated to provide bike spares and the expertise is in abundance. The place is buzzing with sharing, kind and friendly bike enthusiast who simply cant do enough to ensure that your bike is safe for you to ride. Also, Reading Bicycle Kitchen is becoming a meeting place of like minded people, drinking cups of tea whilst chewing the cud over bikes and life in general.

The costs are being kept as low as possible and if you’re not earning just bring along some evidence and you’ll not be charged for the session. The prices are: up to 1hr for £4, up to 2hrs for £6, up to 3 hours for £8 and up to 4 hours for £10.

I was in the ‘kitchen’ for just over an hour, in that time I was shown how to maintain my brakes and once shown, I had to do myself. I then learnt the importance of regular checks for structural weaknesses, checking tires, wheels, pedals, I learnt how to check my brakes, brake pads, where to lubricate gears, chain and SPD clips, I learnt the safe way to brake and I learnt how to use the tools properly. I learnt why some cables wear out quicker than others and the importance of checking them on a regular basis, I learnt that the mechanics of a bike is so simple and that a regular check and your maintenance of your bike takes minutes! and costs nothing! your bike lasts longer and you’re not conned into buying parts for your bike that it doesn’t need.

Love the place! adore the people! respect for what they are doing and I most certainly will be popping in regular to maintain my bike, have a laugh and a catch up over a brew.

Well done to you all,

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#Cycling – Testing The #Motorist Etiquette

Cycling is my first choice of transport, I love cycling, cycling keeps me extremely fit, it’s cheap and stress free. I normally wear a helmet with a GoPro camera mounted on top and I wear a high visibility jacket with ‘POLITE NOTICE THINK BIKE’ printed on the back. I have had a lesson in advanced cycling, teaching me how to ride with traffic to keep me safe from ignorant motorists and I can tell you, that lesson was invaluable. I’m going to take part in another advance lesson soon to learn more about safe cycling in traffic.

Wearing the high visibility and GoPro camera, a motorist, from a distance, can mistake me for a police officer and in doing so, the motorists’ driving is with manners and is safe. They over take according to the high way code indicating out and then they indicate in.

The past week the weather has been lovely and I thought I would cycle about without the high visibility, helmet and GoPro, the rides were incredibly different! I didn’t cycle any different to how I was instructed in the advance cycle lesson, it was that so many motorists, found it impossible to give me the safe space when overtaking. I have had 3 motorists who used their car horns to bully me over to the left, so that they could overtake and I’ve had verbal abuse shouted at me telling me to get off the road and that I shouldn’t be on the road, because I don’t pay ‘road tax’.

Today I had to travel to the hospital, the road to the main entrance of the hospital is always very congested, so I didn’t need to test the motorists etiquette today so I wore my high visibility, helmet and GoPro mounted on top. Today, every motorist treated me with respect, they all remembered their high way code when it comes to a cyclist, no motorist put my life in danger today, and they all managed to find their patience, manners and safe driving awareness.

Cycling isn’t dangerous, motorists are dangerous.

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A Plastered Yogi


Yep up to the knee in resin, a green sticky bandage, graffitied with flower power stickers and co-ordinating nail polish, complete with my new barefoot sandals. The cast has been on for 6 weeks and is being taken off tomorrow YIPPEEEEE!!!! This is the reason why I haven’t been blogging about my trekking adventures with Rosie-Moomoo, why I haven’t been ‘avin it large on my bike and a delay to getting back on the slackline and the wall. Basically, life for me has been at a one leg stand still but I have still managed to practice a floor based yoga session in the morning and a yoga buzz session in the afternoon, if I didn’t do something, I think I would have gone mad with pent-up energy. Still managed to get to all my classes thanks to the love and help of participants and students, who went out of their way to share the lift rota to the classes and home again, I feel so loved.

So lesson learned here, even tho the journey from A to B and back again is just a few yards, and its chucking it down with rain, do not wear crocs as these things cause one to aquaplane, resulting in a fractured left fibula. Still no soft tissue damage, so looking forward to getting back on it pretty dam quick and my first mission is to take my dogs out and enjoy watching them running about free with mother nature. Happy days!

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Being Healthy Makes Me Happy

It does, it really does and thats exactly what I was thinking as I was finishing my cycle hill climb today.  Cycling gives me a wonderful sense of freedom and being fit and healthy enough to cycle up and down hills is LUSH!  I dont get this feeling in health clubs or sports centres and although I have worked at most of them in Reading I don’t like the places, they’re mercenary.

I choose the real world, I was gunna say and fresh air but thats not so is it hahahahaha but according to research, cyclists dont breath in as much fumes as the car driver, note to self – ‘go check this out’.   OK really travelling from A to B, I love the thrill of getting up to a good speed, I even love having to slow down and dodge traffic or obstacles, I love riding no hands, I love the pump in my legs and the burn in my butt going up hill and I love playing balancing stuff at red lights although I’m not very good at it yet.

So my route at the moment, up B3270, very nice hill long and gradual.  Onto the Shinfield Road and down Winton Road, Freddie reckons this is the nastiest hill in Whitley but I dont think so.  Then onto Whitley Wood Road and up onto Hartland Road down to the roundabout back up Hartland Road straight up onto Whitley Wood Road hill and this one is nice and steep, bites your legs straight away.  Back onto Shinfield Road heading towards Blagdon Road and down I go onto Northumberland Avenue which then takes me to Cressingham Road and this hill has a hill within a hill and very long.  Up to Northcourt Avenue, I can ride no hands almost the length of this road as not much traffic, back onto Shinfield Road and head towards Cintra Avenue eventually taking me to the top of Northumberland Avenue and the ride home.  The whole route takes me about 45 minutes, nice!

Do you know what I would really like to achieve? …  to be able to do this route without putting a foot down ….. mmmm theres food for thought.

Love peace & happiness

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Do What You Can With What You Have Where You Can

My home is urban and I trek it on a daily basis either walking, cycling or putting my yoga mat down where ever and whenever the mood takes me.  I live right smack bang in the middle of Whitley Reading there are no roaming fields, no mountains, no seas just miles upon miles of roads, buildings, stressed out people and traffic jams.  So what does a person who loves to be outdoors do when their choices are limited and the cash flow is like not flowing?  We make the best of what we can and we turn it around and look for the positive in everything that we do, oh and try to keep it as cheap as chips.

I would like to spend the remainder of my life (I’m 48 now), being deliriously happy, content within myself, fit and able, healthy n sexy! Now is that too much to ask of Mother Nature?  Of course it isn’t, all of those things we are all capable of, it’s all about changing the way you think about yourself, making some life changes and living for what you need not for what you want.

We all have our dreams including me, mine is to live in the country without any neighbours, surrounded by fields and wild forest animals …. oh and lets squeeze in a mountain.  Well check me out, I live in a semidetached with a dope smoking devout Muslim on one side and an alcoholic on the other, kids joy riding mopeds up and down my street, husbands and wives knocking six shades of doodoo out of each other and an overcrowded street of pet cats n dogs, which if the dogs escape n chase the cats, is the closest I get to wild animals.  But! Would I live anywhere else in Reading … would I heck, Whitley is without a doubt the only area of Reading that has a supportive community.  I have lived in my house for 25 years bringing up my three daughters, I know everyone that lives on my street and each and every one of those neighbours can knock on my door for help, including the alcoholic and the dope smoking Muslim.

So what about my dream?  Well if I trek about 4 miles westerly of my house I will reach open fields, no people, will witness wild forest animals, birds and insects, feel peace and quiet and it hasn’t cost me a penny, I keep very fit and my mind is balanced.  What about the mountain? That’s a tuff one but hay Reading is in the Thames Valley so in most directions we have ruddy great big hills, that’ll do … happy days 🙂

So do what you can, with what you have, where you can and be grateful, makes life so much easier and happier.

Love peace & happiness

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