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A group exercise combination of Āsana (yoga postures) and Pilates, creates a mind to body session, that will improve body awareness.  We practice Āsana to maintain and improve strength and flexibility, Pilates to focus on core and stabilising muscles and with using the passage of the breath, we keep the mind’s attention on the body, creating a meditative practice.

Motivation, interest, social atmosphere and encouraging healthy behaviour and choices away from the class, are just some of the benefits to a group exercise class.  The benefits of combining Āsana and Pilates, gives an introduction to one or maybe both disciplines;  Āsana improves your physical fitness and Pilates creates an awareness of posture.  Both improve mind focus and attention, improves the breath, relieves stress and tension, are a therapy to alleviate and improve health and or balance physical related conditions.  Is used as an injury avoidance practice or can be used as part of injury rehabilitation.

Groups must be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 participants.  Please bring your own mats and 2 yoga blocks.  We may need to use support belts, these I provide.  Corporate or private courses run for 10 weeks, fees are £80 per person.  I would like to set up courses open to the public, therefore, I am looking for premises to rent.

  • I’ve been teaching mat-based Pilates since 2002, certified with the Mind and Body Institute and 2003 certified with OCR, as an Advanced Mat-Based Pilates Teacher.
  • Discovered yoga in 2004.
  • Became a certified yoga teacher in 2012 and an advanced yoga teacher 2015.  Both with the British School of Yoga.
  • 2014, Began Studying with Paul Harvey, founder of Centre of Yoga Studies and lifetime student and friend of 30 years, to T.K.V. Desikachar.
  • Present studies ‘The Arts of Personal Sādhana & Professional Studies’ which contains prerequisites for ‘The Professional Studies 121 Yoga Teaching and Therapeutic Healthcare Programme’, which begins in 2018.
  • I hold up to date public liability insurance for both Yoga and Pilates through the Independent Yoga Network.


I have been teaching at BBC Monitoring, Reading Berkshire since 2003 and The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast since 2004.  If you would like references, please contact me for details,

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