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Fuck Beautiful #ageism 

on January 7, 2017

Aging, is not a sin!

Having an evening on the sofa, usual dross on the TV but it’s the adverts that get my attention. In-between the ads, I scroll through Facebook and then flip over to Instagram, yeah yeah yeah, gwaaan judge me, like I frikkin give a shit. Anyway….. Anti-aging ads and aesthetically perfect Instagram ….. 

I’m 52, next birthday, yep my body is aging and it’s clearly noticeable,  I’m embracing it, I feel great and I think I look great. I’ve never been conventional but it’s actually now, that I genuinely feel liberated from society’s normal, cos I believe, aging is the true beauty of living one’s life. 

How dare society deem aging as anything less than beautiful, and in doing so, then FUCK BEING BEAUTIFUL!  Nature cannot be controlled and the desperation of trying to stop and or reverse aging is the sin, and its a crime, a crime against wisdom.

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