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CH2YS11 dhyānaheyāstadvṛttayaḥ #yogasutrasofpatanjali #yoga

on December 13, 2016

Study notes:

The states of mind produced by these kleśas are eliminated by meditation. ~ E F Bryant

These movements are overcome by meditation ~ Paul Harvey, my teacher’s free notes

Advance towards a state of reflection to reduce their impact and prevent them from taking over. ~ Desikachar

dhyāna: meditation

heyā: eliminated, overcome

tat: their (the kleśas) – that

vṛttayaḥ: changing states of mind, fluctuation, profession

  • relationship of yoga defined in Ch1YS2 is citta vrtti nirodha = containtment of mental activity.
  • *Kriya yoga definen in Ch2YS2 = vrttis are weakend and by the latter are eliminated.
  • kleśas produce the vrttis, therefore, deeper psyche need to confront them in order to contain them.
  • *gross dirt is first removed by kriya then dhyāna removes the finer dirt.  Dirty shirt analogy: cloth shaken or waching in water removes the large chunks of dirt = kriya, more carefully adding a cleaning agent = dhyāna.  Completely eliminate, ie samskāras = death

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