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One cannot find self realisation using yoga (āsana) exercise groups #yoga

The whole point of yoga is to contain mental activity.  We use āsana to begin training the mind, in groups there is too much distraction, causing mental affliction (kleśas).  Yoga is to be practised in private, by one’s self, in the same place and at the same time every day, creating a sacred place and time, and commitment to the relationship with yoga. Then, the student can begin the journey of studying themselves.

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CH2YS11 dhyānaheyāstadvṛttayaḥ #yogasutrasofpatanjali #yoga

Study notes:

The states of mind produced by these kleśas are eliminated by meditation. ~ E F Bryant

These movements are overcome by meditation ~ Paul Harvey, my teacher’s free notes

Advance towards a state of reflection to reduce their impact and prevent them from taking over. ~ Desikachar Read the rest of this entry »

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