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Van-Life ~ Yoga Study Weekends #yogastudies #vanlife

on November 28, 2016


I’ve had a couple of campers in the past, when the last one had to go to the scrap yard, I was gutted. When hubby agreed and offered without hesitation to convert our little work van into a sleeper I was ecstatic.  Not only was this going to help me financially with my studies but the experiences of van-living each study weekend, will become an integral part of my journey.  Weekend just gone, experienced my first adventure, winter camping in our little work van, which hubby and a friend have crafted the perfect sleeper.

End of November is cold, but hubby and a friend, insulated the van so well and crafted the perfect bed, that there was no concern of discomfort, plus I prepared myself for a worse case scenario.  Had plenty of layers for clothing, sleeping bags and blankets, I was so toastie, had to take off my pj’s. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to park up almost anywhere and live, simply.  Got a huge sense of achievement and loved every minute of it!! Felt free and when I wasn’t with my teacher, was able to spend a little time exploring and connecting with nature.

My body clock is pretty much in balance with nature anyway, but getting back to nature caused my body clock to sync good and proper with what nature intended.  As soon as it’s dark and colder, snuggle up and sleep, first light, first sounds of wildlife, naturally wake up, no alarm clock needed.  I slept well, woke up not tired, I got up, got ready for the day and before heading off to my teacher’s house, I began my study weekend with a good walk with Mother Nature.

I’ve got another 4 years of study with my teacher, which means I’ll be in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire 1 weekend in each month, for most of the months of those 4 years.  Van-life, happy days!


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