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TKV Desikachar Memorial Friday 2nd Sept #yoga


I’m going on a pilgrimage to Glastonbury Tor this day, hopefully should be there for UK time 12.30pm India time 5.00pm.  This great man will be in my thoughts.


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I’m changing ….. #spiritually

Today I feel clarity in my life.

My first practice of the day was physically easier to do and my mental activity was more contained and focused on the practice, say than last week.  My breath is now longer than each dynamic āsana and breathing is longer in the deeper static āsana.  I felt more grounded in standing postures, I feel the service of breath in lying postures, I felt lighter internally through inversions and back bends my breathing has improved a lot, giving me that necessary time to make adjustments.  Sitting, again the containment of mind activity and focus on practice, present, prana to apana, apana to prana (passage of energy) has more clarity.  I’m also beginning to make that mental connection to agni, (internal fire) not with all the postures in my present practice, but with most of them.

Pranayama, breath is free, mind focused, spine felt extended, body didn’t feel heavy, my shoulders remained comfortable.  I’m now achieving the long extended exhales and antar and bahya kumbahka (breath retentions) comfortably, my body isn’t panicking to take that delusional life saving inhale.

Dhyanam, the first stage of meditation, to train the mind to focus and to begin the journey of containing the senses and connecting internally.  My teacher advised me to find a symbol that represents what I consider to be higher than myself, and to continuously bring thoughts and thinking back to that symbol.  Well, I have and I’m doing and I’m now beginning to grasp what dhyanam is about and why we need to learn about this and spend time with this, before we can even consider Dhyāna and then into Samādhi.   I have a long way to go but I’ve made that link to what is higher than myself and I’m not seeking that externally.  I’m linking to Consciousness (purusa, atman) and it’s absolute and integration with Cosmic Consciousness (Isvara, Brahman).

I’m feel moments of understanding, truth in knowledge and mind expansion.  Today definitely feels free of mental clutter.


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Yoga must be adapted to the person and their situation, not the person to Yoga. ~ T Krishnmacharya #yoga #yogatherapy


Your Mind Is A Product Of Your Food, Memory Is Linked To Food #yoga #yogatherapy

From my teacher’s on line journal ~ Paul Harvey, Centre of Yoga Studies

“Your mind is a product of your food, memory is linked to food.
My stability, my confidence is linked to food.
All these facts are mentioned in the texts.
For these reasons I said that food is very important and becomes me.
Not just the muscles, but the whole me, the whole personality.”
– TKV Desikachar from an interview in the Journal Viniyoga Italia on Yoga and Well Being.

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‘deeper sense of how yoga works in healing’ #yoga #yogatherapy

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C2YS8 duḥkhānuśayī dveṣaḥ #yoga #yogasutrasofpatanjali

My study notes

Aversion stems from experiences of pain ~ EF Bryant

Aversion is the consequence of suffering ~ Paul Harvey. My teacher’s freenotes Read the rest of this entry »

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C2YS7 sukhānuṣayī rāgaḥ #yoga #yogasutrasofpatanjali

My study notes

Attachment stems form experiences of happiness ~ EF Bryant

Attraction is the consequence of happiness ~ Paul Harvey. My teacher’s free notes Read the rest of this entry »

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The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships. ~ TKV Desikachar #yoga

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Wasabi Fruit Smoothie HIT! New Way To Prevent Muscle Cramps #vegan #yoga


I cycle, a lot and when I’ve done a good day on the bike more often than not, in the night, I’ll be woken up in pain from my adductors cramping.  I’ve checked out possible causes and from what I’ve learnt so far, non of what implies muscle cramp applies to me.  So stumbling on the above article was good timing.

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Yoga And Veganism Changed My Life And Improved My Health #yoga #vegan

Had some amazing good news today.  After 15 years of having to take 200mg of thyroxine per day, for hypothyroidism – the dosage going down slowly over the past year is now finally down to 100mg per day.  Although I went vegan quite a few years ago, it was 3 years ago I went majority plant based, taking out as much processed foods as I could, with exception of dairy milk alternatives, vegan cheeses and the odd cake.  I am so happy with the result I need to shout about it as loud as possible.

PEOPLE!!! FOOD IS THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE IS THY FOOD ~ HYPOCRITES I am living proof! Read the rest of this entry »

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