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YSC2-S2 Samadhibhavanarthah klesatanukaranarthasca #yoga #yogasutrasofpatanjali

on February 9, 2016

Study notes:

Samadhi: consciousness shines forth as the intended object.  Sensory inhibition through meditation, ‘pratyahara’.  Yogi realises “I am the absolute”.  Hatha Yoga Pradipika “as salt mingles with and dissolves in water, similarly the merging of the mind and the self is ecstasy.  Liberation.

Bhavana: cultivation, visualisation synonym for dhyana.

Arthah: object or thing = intended object or content of consciousness. Purpose.

Klesa: troubled, affliction.

Tanu: attenuated                    } make something weaker
Karana: cause                         } less effective.

Arthasca? Object?

Update 19/08/16 my teacher’s free notes

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