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YSC2-S4 Avidya ksetramuttaresam prasuptatanuviccinodaranam #yoga #yogasutrasofpatanjali

Study Notes

Avidya: ignorance

Ksetram: field “illusion is the field for the others whether they are latent, attenuated, inconsistent or aroused” ~ Paul Harvey

Uttaresam: of others

Prasupta: dormant

Tanu: attenuated, weak

Vicchinna: intercepted, interrupted, intermittent

Udaranam: activated, manifest

Update 19/08/16 my teacher’s free notes

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YSC2-S3 Avidyasmitaragadvesaabhinivesah klesah #yoga #yogasutrasofpatanjali

Study notes.

Avidya: nescience = lack of knowledge, ignorance.

Asmita: I amness = ego

Raga: attachment

Dvesha: aversion

Abinivesha: fear = fear of death, the will to live. Permanence.

Klesah: troubled, affliction.

These factors which can be compared to the drivers of an earlier generation of phycologists, provide the cognitive and motivational framework for the ordinary individual enmeshed in conditional existence and ignorant of the transcendental Self. ~ Encyclopedia of Yoga and Tantra by G Feuerstein

Update 19/08/16 my teacher’s free notes

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YSC2-S2 Samadhibhavanarthah klesatanukaranarthasca #yoga #yogasutrasofpatanjali

Study notes:

Samadhi: consciousness shines forth as the intended object.  Sensory inhibition through meditation, ‘pratyahara’.  Yogi realises “I am the absolute”.  Hatha Yoga Pradipika “as salt mingles with and dissolves in water, similarly the merging of the mind and the self is ecstasy.  Liberation.

Bhavana: cultivation, visualisation synonym for dhyana.

Arthah: object or thing = intended object or content of consciousness. Purpose.

Klesa: troubled, affliction.

Tanu: attenuated                    } make something weaker
Karana: cause                         } less effective.

Arthasca? Object?

Update 19/08/16 my teacher’s free notes

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