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YSC2-S1 Tapah Svadhyayesvarapranidhanani Kriyayogah #yoga #yogasutrasofpatanjali

Study notes to help me grasp and absorb meaning.

Tapah: self discipline, heat/glow = kriya yoga.

Svadhyaya: study of the self, self discipline, repeated recitation, self understanding, self transcendence. The serious student is mentally focused and independent of others and gains spiritual power. = kriya yoga.

Isvara: cosmic consciousness, purusha = abides in the heart of all beings.

Pranidhanani: dedication, contemplation, wholehearted application to the spiritual process.

Isvara-pranidhanani: = bhakti = devotion, dedication to Isvara and offering up all actions to the supreme and the renunciation of the fruit of one’s actions. = kriya yoga.

Kriyayogah: yoga of transmutative action.

Update 19/08/16  my teacher’s free notes

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Hi Ya Blog, I’m Ba’ack!

Sorry I’ve been a stranger but thanks blog for hanging in there.  I didn’t stay in touch because 2015 was too negative, so yeah ok, talking about unhappy stuff can help but I really needed to go away and deal with it on my own.  Anyway, that was then and this is now and life couldn’t be any better.

You’ll be glad to hear that I stayed dedicated to my practice, it got me through the lowest of the lows.  I did my pilgrimage to India and went to Australia, which I will share with you as we go through 2016 where I’m doing another pilgrimage to India and off to Botswana, amazing.

The dogs are doing great, Asbo no change, Rosie-Moo has had to slow things down because she has bone disease in both her elbows and Trixie-Bells is just crackers.  Planning on getting back to our trekking adventures so stay posted for that.

Cycling is fantastic, I love it, seriously thinking about getting a GPS to log my distance and time.  Mmmmmmmm see how the funds go.

Slacklining, didn’t go on it last year, put it on the back burner so I could stay focused on the yoga.  Glad I did, I’m ready to start again come spring.

Cooking, obviously good and will try to post you stuff about that too but don’t wait up for that cos I probably too busy with all the other stuff.

Feels good to be back and I’m looking forward to keeping you up to date with stuff.

Happy New Year Blog

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