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Tamoxifen, can’t live with it and can’t live without it – #breastcancer #tamoxifen #yoga #positivementalattitude #innerpeace

I’ve just experienced 2 weeks of Tamoxifen side effects, extreme! The hot flushes, I’ve been having since the start, they’re uncomfortable, I loose a little sleep but in the grand scheme of things, not an issue. Headaches, the level of discomfort has increased recently and again uncomfortable, unpleasant but I can handle them, what I wasn’t prepared for was the ever so painful abdominal and lower chest cramps. I couldn’t manage the pain, I couldn’t pin point where the cramps where coming from, I got scarred, obviously making everything worse and ended up in Accident & Emergency.

I have an amazing GP and after visiting her, I decided to stop taking the Tamoxifen for 3 – 4 days, during that time I would decide if I was going to continue with it. 2 days of no Tamoxifen and the cramps stopped leaving just an area that felt like it’s gone a few rounds in a boxing ring. PHEW!

Now I don’t know if the damage caused from taking this mediation is permanent, I’ve never had tummy troubles and my poo has always been excellent. I’ve never experienced irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) but from what I can gather from friends who have it and doing some research, together with that chat with my GP, the Tamoxifen might just be causing symptoms that are similar.

My tumour was an aggressive one, was growing 2mm in 4 weeks, so I’m not left with much of a choice other than changing to another drug, which also has nasty side effects. I have to be able to manage the Tamoxifen side effects if I am going to take this mediation for another 3.5 years.

I’m a survivor, I choose quality of life, I am Sattva Warrior slayer of Tamas ….. I am gunna prepare myself for when this happens again, which it will.

List of weapons:
Peppermint oil
Slippery Elm
Re-evaluate diet, not that there is much that I can change but it never hurts to re-evaluate what one is putting in their body!
Investigate a vegan probiotic
Chase Bristol Cancer Centre self help courses!!!!
Research my yoga, the asanas and pranayama that can help alleviate abdominal cramps.
Keep going with my meditation practice

When the pains stopped, I could see clearly, positively and logically and so this evening I will start taking the Tamoxifen again, only this time, I’m ready.

Love peace & happiness

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