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Benefits of a Home/Personal Practice – #Yoga #Reading #Berkshire

on June 18, 2014

Building a relationship with Yoga.
Yoga is a relationship not an affair, slipping in a quickie at 6.30pm at your local health club.

Building good habits, getting rid of bad habits and building a discipline.
When we realise how to discipline ourselves, being able to say yes to what is good for us and no to what is bad for us, we feel an inner strength with an inner peace, and so our personal practice has passed over into our everyday life.

Self belief and confidence.
We are capable of great things and from a regular personal practice we taking control, we are giving ourselves to ourselves the greatest gift of all, SELF LOVE.

Having a deep understanding of Yoga.
To understand that asanas in a personal practice, is not the only path through yoga but a path to finding out about the others.

Creating a sacred place and time where you can find yourself again and again.
‘Me’ time!

Yoga truly begins with a personal practice.
The freedom and independence from the past affecting the present.

Find yourself going places you don’t go when in a group or a lesson.
In the quiet of a sacred place, one is experiencing their own self and not the practice of others.

Doesn’t need to be perfect, the pressure is off to compete with others.
We try hard not to compare ourselves with others but its easier said than done. In one’s home practice its personal, there is no one to compare with.

Freedom to choose.
We are fortunate to have the privilege of choice, choose wisely.

No rush.
One can take as long as they like with an asana, a vinyasa or the whole practice, or even how short the practice needs to be that day.

Me time and be able to sit and be still.
Enough said.

Love peace & happiness

One response to “Benefits of a Home/Personal Practice – #Yoga #Reading #Berkshire

  1. Scott Sewell says:

    Great post and a good reminder. ..thanks for posting it!

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