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Treking In RG2

All the off beaten tracks that Rosie and I walk along are now flooded, so is the jetty on the lake as its anchored and the veranda, the drains are not coping so its very wet inside, hay ho.  Instead we are keeping our walks very local indeed and its been quite interesting, plus Asbo my other dog is coming with us which is lush.  Asbo unfortunately, has arthritis in his right hip and too much walking results in him being in pain for days.  My outdoor practice has to be in my little studio, which has been quite nice as I can spend more time on dodgy asanas rather than concerning myself with time.

So our goal is to trek the entire length of Northumberland Avenue in one direction and then the other direction, Northumberland Avenue is approximately 1 mile long.  We start at about 3/4 along the avenue walking up as Northumberland Avenue is an ascending trek out of the valley of Whitley.  There are 3 parks on route, first one is Rabsons Park which has a large woodland over the back known as the Cowsey, we pop in there so Rosie can have a run around.  Can’t let Asbo off you’d never see him again, little bugger!  He knows that park so well and his hunting instincts are too strong for him to resist, he’d be off hunting anything small and fluffy to kill, especially cats, he hates cats! I don’t but he does.  We come out of Rabsons onto Blagdon Road and then get back to Northumberland Avenue.  We pass South Reading Community Centre where I teach my yoga lessons and next too the centre is a parade of shops, always bump in to a homie, love that.  There is a library in Whitely, I must pop in and take a look, I was thinking of joining a library, would be so cool if its got what I need and the library is in walking distance to home.  Next park along is Long Barn Lane recreational ground, popped in there, very flooded.  Asbo started to flake a bit at this point so best we walk back towards home, we stayed on the cut through of Long Barn Lane and took the back roads towards home, so we were then going in a circle and then it started to rain again so perfect timing!

All in all we were about an hour, I felt so warm in fact was sweating a little, too many layers and I was wearing my rain hat.  Asbo looks fine and very happy, Rosie is content, she is snoring and shortly I will do my second practice of the day and do an extra asana or 2.  Will try again tomorrow with Asbo, see if we can get to the 3rd park on Northumberland Avenue but I wont push him.

I love walking 🙂

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