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Yoga Outdoors in December


It’s been a while since I blogged, been busy with life, will update as soon as but had to share my outdoor practice today.

5am practice was to a stunning sunset and set my mood.  Got some morning jobs done and by 9.30am Rosie and I were out the door.  Wind is cold today, 2 x base layers and fleece, Rosie has her little coat on.  I had already unzipped my coat by the time we got to the lake and gloves were off, inner core was very warm and could feel my core temperature on the surface.

Wind was blowing with a cold bite, this mornings outdoor practice had to be a short one, got work at 12pm, so planned only 3 asanas, ones that I am working on, to be in to explore for time, rather than just do them, this is quite important to me.  Anyway, with the wind blowing and its cold, I’m barefoot and down to the 2 base layers, what an amazing short practice.  Wind is an energy, its something that we can absorb and feel exhilarated from, wind blowing away cobwebs, there is a freedom, leaves of all colours being picked up by the wind and blown all over and around, beautiful.

You can keep your air con and you keep your hot yogas … there is nothing than beats the freedom of being outdoors with mother nature.

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