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Compassion + Hypocrisy = The Human Race


This blog has been a long time coming, I need to get something of my chest.

OK, it’s not very yogi of me, yogis are supposed to be positive regardless of the situation, well my situation is this and how I’m feeling right now and the positive way to rid me of sadness, is to get it out, talk about it, rant about it.  I am unhappy in the way in which human life exists, the human race upsets me so much, I am ashamed of my species.

I have grown to be a strong and positive person, having been dealt some very challenging life cards and from those experiences, I have learnt that negativity doesn’t help a situation.  I have likes and dislikes, I respect and then I can lose respect, that has a bigger impact on me than hate.  So bearing all this mind, this yogi needs to rant, I need to express my lack of respect for and dislike of the human race.  I need to remind humans of their responsibility to their home, our planet and be a voice for those who are not being heard, who cannot speak but use screams of terror, in the final hope that they are not killed.

The human race is without a doubt a delusional narcissistic being, for example, ‘humane killing’ is a narcissistic act, that we then think is our right to take a life, we have learnt nothing from our barbaric past.  As we evolved and through science and technology, we are under the illusion that we are the superior life on this planet, hahahahaha we are under the illusion that we are civilised and live a peaceful life.  Well I disagree, human beings are weak, in that we know when something is wrong and we do nothing about it and stupid, because knowing something is wrong and we still go ahead and do it.

‘We will never have peace on earth, as long as we have suffering and death on our tables or on our backs’ …. Gary Francoine

Human beings are compassionate and hypocrites, all in the space of a moment and through almost every waking hour of the day.  News reports come in about a violent attack on another person and we are upset and quite rightly so, and yet, we are entertained with violent films and the gorier they are, the more we’re entertained.  We vote to choose our governments, who supposedly are there for the people, well I learnt recently, (maybe a little late in my life) that that, is not the case and when the people are ignored, the majority of those people, do nothing and yet the do nothing majority, still complain.  Our homes, most of us respect our homes, we lovingly maintain them and keep them clean, our planet is the home of our home, without it we are nothing and yet we live in it, on it, with less respect than we have for the very structure that we live in, that destroys the very home we live on. If we are so superior to all other life on this planet, then surely we would have the intelligence to know, that nature cannot be controlled and instead of trying to instil our narcissistic values on nature, causing dis-ease in ourselves, we would integrate with the very heart of what makes this planet the miracle that it is.  We all would like to live in peace, one love n all that, this has to be the biggest joke of all.  When in order to live we make war with nature and slaughter thousands of innocent beings, we then consume their terror, their petrified flesh.  We take our children to see cute lambs being born and cute chicks hatching, all very wholesome and yet we wouldn’t take our children to see the same lambs and chickens being slaughtered for food.  We can’t watch an animal being dragged to its death, the idea of it, we block from our minds, as we peruse the meat isles of super markets for the ‘fight or flight’ adrenaline soaked flesh, that we ‘chose’ to feed on, to live ‘peaceful’ lives and yet, the average person is stressed and worried, they are not peaceful in their life, hahahahahahaha you are what you eat.  We are sickened by photographs of innocent healthy animals being put through cosmetic and medical experiments and yet we bear no thought to their courage.  Why aren’t the experiments being done on people who chose to wear cosmetics? Why aren’t the medical experiments being done on the people who have the diseases?  I recently overcame breast cancer, during which I agreed to be in a human trial, to do with Radiotherapy.  Yes there were risks and we still don’t know the outcome, only time will tell, but this is an accurate test and will benefit my daughters, if they ever have to go through what I’ve been through.  I also appreciate that past research on cancer would have been on animal experiments and because of that, I respect their courage and their suffering, they are the reason I can go on to live and why I need to live my life, fighting for their rights.  I can promise you, I have never asked another to do what I wouldn’t do myself and that if I was asked to be part of a human experiment for cancer, I would have volunteered.

We are our parents, we are our grandparents and we are their ancestors, we are conditioned, in the same way that we are conditioned to put pink on a girl and blue on a boy, we are conditioned to believe that anything other than human, is less worthy of their life.  We are conditioned to believe that an animal’s fear is different to the fear felt by you or me, we are conditioned to believe that we need to eat meat in order to have a balanced and healthy diet.  To date, I have not yet met an obese vegetarian or a vegan, who are eating healthy combinations of foods to cover what their bodies need.   I have not yet, met either and they have heart disease or high cholesterol.  We are not or have we ever been carnivorous predatory creatures.  We are herbivores, omnivores because of the necessity to survive from way back in the Ice Age, we are no longer Neanderthals living in an Ice Age and so the human race is now omnivore by choice.  We now understand that the persecution, torturing and killing of any living being that is vulnerable or different, is totally unacceptable … so why the fuck are the lives of animals less a life than the human race?

I do not believe that world peace for all living beings is out of reach, I accept it won’t happen in my life time but it has to start somewhere and it can start with you and me.  Living in peace with nature and all its wonders, has to start with the cause of the war and that’s the human race’s delusions of superiority, the planet and its ecosystem doesn’t need us, we need it.  World peace is about the respect of all life and it needs to start from the bottom and from the beginning, from the seas and the ground and from the air. No matter what the living being, 2 legged, 4 legged, 8 legged even, wings or fins we all have a right to one love and a life.  When we have accepted our place as equal, when we stop destroying our home and live without being responsible for slaughter, we will find peace within ourselves and from there we will have peace with each other.

‘Be the change you want to see’ … Mahatma Gandhi

Love peace & happiness

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